Reed Pirain

Reed Pirain

Reed Pirain

Reed Pirain is a Pittsburgh-based real estate professional who has worked with a wide variety of clientele ranging from new property owners to experienced professionals. Reed upholds that his educational history provided a foundation on which to venture into entrepreneurship and founded a real estate business with his siblings after graduating from the University of Kentucky in 2000.

NextHome PPM Realty has since grown into one of Pittsburgh’s leading real estate firms, selling over $150M worth of real estate in the city and surrounding area. The family owned, boutique firm is well regarded as one of the top 15 top real estate firms located in the greater Pittsburgh area. Reed Pirain upholds that much of NextHome PPM Realty’s draw is due to the fact that the firm is committed to acting in the best interest of clients, and its team of experienced professionals. The NextHome PPM Realty team stays up to date with the latest in the industry and leverages advancing technology and innovative services to ensure that clients are matched with properties that properly address their diverse wants and needs. PPM Realty also provides a wide range of supplementary services to support clients including listing distribution, video content creation, print, and professional photography and combines these offerings with a firm dedication to providing the best customer service the real estate market has to offer.

In addition to founding a successful firm in NextHome PPM Realty, Reed Pirain has founded the Reed Pirain Group aiming to forge a supportive team of professionals to elevate service within his area of expertise. The Reed Pirain Group is known for empowering both budding and seasoned professionals via a positive environment and passion for providing innovative, comprehensive, and efficient client experiences. The organization assists individuals with buying and selling of residential and commercial properties and has built a reputation around its innovative marketing, premiere solutions, and commitment to a people first approach to industry. Reed also notes the importance of collaborating with peers for professional development and is a member of the Realtors Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh (RAMP) Board of Directors, a RAMP Foundation Trustee, 2016 Realtors Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh President, and 2021 Realtor of the year for the State of PA.

Reed Pirain excels in a variety of areas that provide him with the ability to bring value to his professional organizations. Reed possesses skills in business development, administration, listing, land acquisition, commercial and residential real estate, staging, client relations, and advocacy. Clients and peers alike speak to Reed’s incredible interest in the real estate market and providing quality customer service in each stage of the buying and selling processes. Reed Pirain acknowledges that property ownership can be a huge step for individuals seeking out professional insight, and he takes his responsibility to streamlining processes to make homebuying more accessible with the utmost dedication.

In Reed’s free time, he is known to enjoy time spending time with his beloved family. Reed also speaks to the importance of giving back to communities and has a history of supporting local charities such as MS, Canine Companions, and Foster the Love that aim to support children and young people.

What to Expect from Reed Pirain?

Reed Pirain with RP Group

While there are many resources out there that can be leveraged to learn more about real estate markets, access to unbiased, clear, and verifiable information plays a vital role in educating others on complexities of the industry. Reed Pirain aims to contribute to key conversations within the real estate field through a selection of posts addressing core concepts.

Below are a few of the things that readers can expect from posts inspired by Reed Pirain’s professional insights.

Keep Up with Recent Industry Developments

The real estate industry needs to be fast paced to adapt to the ever evolving needs of clients and investors. Growing one’s understanding of recent industry trends and developments as well as how these shifts impact the real estate community as a whole are valuable for both personal and professional reasons. Whether you are interested in information on booming markets, design trends, supply chain, or upcoming events in the space, is your resource for keeping up with crucial developments.

Gain Professional Insights

As many step into the real estate industry to advance their professional acumen, it can be extremely valuable to gain insight from experts and thought leaders to contextualize one’s efforts to reach sustainable success. Reed Pirain is a proponent of contributing to the professional development of real estate professionals looking to find their niche within the field, and he hopes to include topics that assist others as they further develop their expertise.

Learn Homebuying and Selling Information

Reed Pirain understands that purchasing or selling a home can be difficult without assistance from a professional or access to resources that can make processes less daunting. Through a selection of tips that break down the ins and outs of homebuying and selling, Reed aims to utilize this website as a resource that empowers individuals to make educated decisions regardless of the market.

Future Posts from Reed Pirain

Reed Pirain notes that now, more than ever, individuals are growing interested in learning more about the real estate industry for both personal and professional reasons. The industry is known to be extremely fast paced and can be daunting to those who are looking to find their space to contribute. Accessible information can empower individuals to grow their understanding, seize available opportunities, advocate for themselves, and take steps to ensure that their needs are properly upheld.

Reed Pirain recognizes that, as an administrator, he is in the unique position to contribute to accessible, high-level resources that demystify his areas of expertise and provide a solid foundation of information for anyone looking to learn more. Future posts inspired by insights from Reed Pirain will address a host of topics such as a look into the buying and selling processes, industry trends impacting development in the space, and more.