Simple Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

Reed Pirain

For the past few years, the best time to sell a home has been at any given time.

The U.S. real estate market has been steadily a seller’s market for so long, thanks to low inventory and high demand. This has also led to higher home values and higher list prices — and much more competition. 

Now that the market is facing more uncertainty, sellers are facing some difficulties, especially if they need to sell their homes quickly. However, Reed Pirain explains that just because there may be challenges doesn’t mean there aren’t effective ways to sell a home fast in 2023. 

Picking the Right Agent

A home’s location and condition are both key components of selling, but finding the best real estate agent is just as, if not more, essential to selling fast.

The right real estate agent can make or break a sale. They should know the area’s market backward and forward — with a record of sales to back that up. They should be available to help when needed and answer questions honestly and comprehensively.

Agents should listen to exactly what a seller is expecting. Great agents work tirelessly and take charge when it matters the most. They will do everything from hiring listing photographers to crafting an eye-catching property listing.

Since time is of the essence, they will also clearly determine the price that balances profit with a realistic and competitive price to get it sold quickly. 

Don’t DIY 

At first glance, putting a home up for sale by owner (FSBO) is a good path. In 2020, over 75% of homes listed by the owner sold within two weeks. However, before passing on a real estate agent, it’s important to know that the vast majority of those sales were to people the seller knew already.

There’s also the fact that for sale by owner homes often go for around $25,000 less than those sold through a real estate agent.

Reed Pirain

Selling at the Right Time

Sometimes, a home needs to be sold right away, even during traditionally slow real estate sales periods. But if the seller has more flexibility, there are clearly optimal times when a home is more likely to sell quickly.

Zillow notes that a home is more likely to sell (and for a higher price) if it’s listed on a Thursday anytime between March 11 through March 18, as well as the week beginning April 22. 

Make a Home Presentable

No one likes to see a cluttered home — especially those looking to buy. For buyers, it’s often difficult to picture themselves in cluttered homes that are packed with furniture or have an unclean smell.

Deep cleaning and decluttering can go a long way to securing a quick sale. This includes the usual cleaning approach — vacuuming, cleaning counters, straightening pictures on the wall — but the small details matter just as much.

Are mantels clean? Are magazine racks organized? Are the closets too crowded? Asking those questions matters too.

Another secret: Cleaning windows lets in as much natural light as possible. That’s a hard detail for potential buyers to ignore.

Reed Pirain
Reed Pirain